Staff Well-being


Staff Well-being

In 2019 according to an infamous study by Peta Stapleton, 62% of teachers were suffering from anxiety and 18% from depression versus 13% and 10% for Australians as a whole.

Meanwhile, according to the Australian Journal of General Practice, dealing with the Covid pandemic has left 70% of healthcare workers suffering from some sort of mental distress, often related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They also show high rates of depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

While research in Australia is largely lacking, a survey by Institute of Health and Social Care Management in the UK has revealed that 90% of social care workers don’t believe that they receive the recognition that they deserve. They also show high levels of mental health problems, compounded by often low levels of pay and poor working conditions.

Possibly the worst of all is the mental ill health of our emergency responders: according to the Black Dog Institute, an emergency responder takes their own life every month on average under what we accept as normal circumstances. The statistics on the very worst symptoms of mental illness are simply too harrowing for discussion here but can be found in a shocking article here

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