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Thank you for visiting the TAP Media Centre. You can find out more about our positive stories, and where you can collect the relevant content for your own media.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to 🡭 with questions or requests for interviews.

TV Media Coverage

You can see more videos on our YouTube channel here 🡭.
Click here to go to TAP Soundcloud 🡭 and listen to our Interviews on Radio.

Radio and Online Media Coverage

If you would like to share a TAP story in your local area; speak to an organisation or Thanker user of TAP’s services please reach out to 🡭.

Media Partners

If you would like to be a TAP Media partner get in touch. There is no cost. The purpose is to support each other’s passion to support local communities. Here is a message sent to a TAP media partner from a listener via TAP.

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